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Psalm 81:10

I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.


This is one of the statements that gives a description of the God whose children we have become through Christ our Lord. He is a God of big things.  All God does He does them big and everyone who sees knows it can only be doing of God our heavenly Father. That is exactly how He wants us to see Him and relate with Him.


Very often, when we come to God with our needs, we are often afraid to ask for big things. There are those who go to the far extreme and become unrealistic in their asking. They could ask God for example for private jets to preach the gospel when they are unable to witness about Christ even to their immediate families!!! They must be kidding themselves.


Each of us must allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in our asking so when we ask, we will not doubt if we will have what we ask for. He said we should open our mouths wide and that means we should come to God not with limiting minds and expectations. If you need health, ask for wholeness of body from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, not some partial healing.


When we ask God to help us walk in holiness, let us ask, not doubting in our minds that no matter what we do, we are humans and prone to sin. That is one area where our wrestle with God has not been thorough. God wants to make you holy like Him. Do not be afraid of asking to be like Christ.



1.      Thank God for being there as an everlasting Source that cannot be depleted and for being always ready to bless us.

2.      Ask for grace to pray according to God’s will when we ask Him for things.

3.     Father, please help us not to limit You any longer in our asking.



I declare that henceforth I shall not limit myself in asking God for anything. I open my mouth wide and I declare an abundant overflow of blessings according to the promises of Elohim. I take the limits off my life by divine authority. Now, I release an overflowing harvest of finances for my end time assignment in the name of Jesus.