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The Global Prayer Command Center

After over 40 years of ministry and training many intercessors and Men of God, His Eminence Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, General Overseer of Action Chapel International and the Apostle of Strategic Prayer, has come to the conclusion that nothing happens until someone prays. As a result, he set out to find a sacred place outside the city of Accra, Ghana dedicated to continuous prayer.

In parallel to the Archbishop’s great desire to find a place for prayer, Bishop Joseph Nyarko-Antwi, one of the main armour bearers of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams persistently sought God for a “Prayer Mountain”.

Praise God, Action Chapel has acquired a strategically located property on the outskirts of Ghana’s capital city, Accra in the hills of Berekuso that will be developed into a sacred place of prayer.

Vision for The Global Prayer Command Center

Archbishop’s vision is to bring believers together to pray and stir their hearts to release the spirit of intercession to break down invisible barriers over their lives, families, ministries, businesses and nations.

The Global Prayer Command Centre will be a place for Spiritual Renewal and a center to, amongst many things, train intercessors and prophets, break down invincible barriers that divide the church, remove unseen barriers that deter revival and deploy the Host of Heaven to intervene in the affairs of humanity and release the end time harvest.

What Services will be provided at the center?

THE GLOBAL PRAYER COMMAND CENTRE, will include various facilities that will promote prayer to stir up revival. The services provided by the center shall include:

- The Wailing Wall Project

There will be a Wailing Wall where world leaders, religious leaders and believers from all nations and all walks of life will come to pray and seek spiritual guidance.

The wall will have crevices where visitors who come to pray may put in their prayer requests. Founding sponsors will have Memorials in the Founder’s Scroll and/or Wailing Wall to recognize their partnership with the vision Archbishop.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams and other mighty Prophets and intercessors will pray over the names as well as prayer requests on the wall.

- The Jordan

The Jordan will be a reflective pool in front of the Wailing Wall where visitors to the Centre who confess Jesus Christ as Lord will have the opportunity to be baptized in fulfilment of the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.

- The Prayer Strike Force

The Prayer Strike Force is a group of militant intercessors both men and women skillfully trained by the Archbishop to undergird the work of the Global Prayer Command Centre — to make up the hedge and stand in the gap before God and individuals, families and the nations of our world (Ezekiel 22:30).

These together with the Archbishop will pray at the 4 watches of the day (6am-9am, 9am-12noon, 12noon-3pm and 3pm-6pm) and the 4 watches of the night (6pm-9pm, 9pm-12am, 12am-3am and 3am-6am) to undergird the work of The Global Prayer Command Centre.

- The School of the Elisha Generation

Prayer Summits will be held for pastors, church workers, business leaders and believers in general. At these meetings, there will there will impartations and mantles will be released to empower the next generation for the end time harvest and revival.

- Healing and Deliverance Services

Healing and deliverance services will be held daily on these consecrated grounds. There will be miracles, signs, wonders as men and women are loosed and positioned to enter into their God ordained purposes.

Will there be places to stay at the Centre?

The Global Prayer Command Centre will have beautiful modern furnished 2 bedroom Chalets, each with its living area, kitchenette and bathrooms situated around a sprawling water body.

There will be single en-suite apartments with shared kitchens and adjourning doors suitable for families as well as dormitory type apartments with shared facilities.

 The Centre will have restaurants to cater for the needs of its visitors.

How can I partner with Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams?

Donations can also be made in memory or in honour of loved ones, businesses, churches, ministries and/or one’s self.

Those who partner with us now will receive discounts in future when they come to stay at the Centre for prayer when the project is completed.

Kindly follow this kink to make your donation please http://ndwministries.net/give

When the story of this end time revival that is about to break out on earth is told make sure future generations will be proud of the contribution you made to bless their lives. Let the revival begin. Be part of a Kairos Moment!

God bless you.