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Disclaimer: It has come to our attention that there exist several fraudulent Facebook Accounts that carry various versions of the name of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. This is the only official Facebook Account for Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams As you can see it is distinguished by a verified mark following his name. Further indicators of false profiles:

  1. Archbishop does not have a personal account. This is his public profile and he desires that you follow him here for updates, news and information. You will not receive any requests to be his "friend" on Facebook. All his friends are here following him. Thank you for your patronage.
  2. Archbishop will not inbox you a personal prophecy. You are welcome to follow his ministry, teachings and recordings live here every Wednesday and Sunday regularly.
  3. Archbishop will not request funds from you via an inbox message privately. We have numerous Kingdom Projects and options to sow and give to ACI related initiatives All request for giving, tithing, online donations will be public and posted directly to this site for everyone to see and be a part of the blessing. There will never be a private solicitation online for funds for an orphanage or in order for your prayers to be answered.

    We hope this is helpful and we thank you for continuing to support the ministry of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Action Chapel International.

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